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A Preference Employment Solutions team member will connect with you to discuss your company's need. 


During an introductory meeting, we will get to know you, your company, the challenges you are facing, details on your available position(s) and discuss our services in greater detail. Taking a consultative approach, we are able to tailor our services to meet your needs and partner with you in the hiring process.

Recruit and Qualify

After the introductory meeting, we will begin the candidate recruiting process. We will recruit, interview, qualify and connect with candidates we believe are a good fit for your company and the position.

Share & Submit

After we have narrowed down the pool of candidates and determined that they are genuinely interested in the position and company, we will share our top candidates for the available opening. 

Interviews & feedback

If you confirm interest in a referred candidate, we will assist with the coordination of interviews, assessments that may be required and any other necessary steps in the process. Following the interview we will ask for and provide feedback from both the employer and candidate.

Job Offer

If you would like to offer a candidate the position, a staffing consultant will share all the details of the job offer and coordinate a start date and other information if the offer is accepted.