Preference Personnel

A Day in the Life of the Industrial Team

The first time you walk into their office, you notice something really special. It might be the fact that between the 4 of them, they have 30 years of experience serving on the Preference team. It could be the fact that during the remodel when they were asked if they want to have their own offices or share one big one, they chose one big one. 

The facts are, within minutes of sitting and observing them work, you can see why one big office was key for them. They work as one brain. They know the names of every candidate that comes through our door, not just their names, but their families, their situations, backgrounds, interests outside of work and so much more. 

They cheer on and celebrate every candidate that finds employment, gets hired on, promoted or recognized for achievements. 

They work through the hard days when candidates don't show up on time (or at all), don't qualify for the employment they are seeking or can't make the cut and have to be replaced. 

They have relationships with the hundreds of clients they serve and seamlessly know the right candidate that would fit uniquely with our clients because of it. They treat each other like sisters and brothers - jabbing, supporting, fighting and loving. Laughter can be heard from their office ringing through the whole building.A day in the life of Preference's Industrial Staffing Team

They are the perfect example of our first core value: TEAM: We are a family. We value the diverse backgrounds, strengths and contributions each person brings to our team. We build a strong, positive foundation for our company through mutual respect and support.

We love and appreciate our industrial team!