Preference Personnel

A Simple Thank You

we listen
Someone walks into our office. They have just quit their job. After being there for a number of years. Sadness, confusion, frustration, anger, joy, disgust, disappointment, hopeful, hopeless and other storms of emotions are brewing.

We listen.

We hear their storm. We find their strengths through the storm.

When a person can freely talk about what went wrong in their last position, where they fell short in their strengths and abilities, what they enjoy doing – and don’t. It is then, and only then, that we can truly help this person find their next career path.  Because we listen to our career-seekers and  because we know our clients we serve, their cultures, leaders, values and strengths as an organization - we believe we can uniquely serve our community.

We are passionate about placing the right person in the right situation. Uniquely. Because we believe our people deserve to live the life they choose and be happy in their careers.

It is one of our core values: Service: We are relationship-driven. We focus on the interests of those we serve with future relationships in mind. We understand that helping others reach their goals brings success to all involved.

We strive to live by this value – and today, we were thanked for it. From someone who walked in wanting a better future and we were able to find it for her.

Sometimes a thank you comes in the form of a fruit basket…as pictured here. Sometimes it’s a smile, hug, tear, referrals, food, car air fresheners, cards and notes. We don’t do what we do for the thank you but we are grateful for every one of them.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you and this community!