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Our Rollercoaster Ride

our rollercoaster rideWe polled our team of 16 people here at Preference, what is one word that describes the work you do and a common answer that popped up was Rollercoaster.

I pondered rollercoaster a bit – is this a good or bad answer? Depending how you feel about rollercoaster I would guess. But then I looked up the definition and something bigger occurred to me….

A summary of the definition found in Urban Dictionary of Emotional Rollercoaster:

Emotional [Rollercoaster]

The term Emotional Rollercoaster was coined by Dr. N. Amundson in dealing with unemployment, first in a research article: Amundson, N.E., & Borgen, W. (1982). The dynamics of unemployment: Job loss and job search. Personnel and Guidance Journal, 60, 562-564. It was most likely made popular when Nelson Canada published their booklet At the Controls:Charting your course through unemployment in 1987. Approximately 960,000 copies of this book were bought by the Gov't of Canada and distributed to people dealing with unemployment between 19
87 and 1996.

"Shock! Relief! Sadness! Excitement! Frustration! Lack of energy! Hopelessness! Determination! People feel many different emotions when they are out of work. These feelings may be a bit different from one person to another depending on how you lost your job, how long you have been out of work, your future possibilities, and whether you can provide for your family or others who depend on you.

With our team, we feel the emotions described here, every day with every person we meet. One of our values is Genuine: We communicate openly with our clients, candidates and each other to strengthen our trust and loyalty. We value people for who they are.

By living by this value of being genuine every day, we feel the Shock! (that a person feels when their job has been eliminated) Relief! (when they discover their transferrable skills) Sadness! (when they don’t get the job) Excitement! (when they do) Frustration! (when the hiring process is delayed) Lack of energy! (when they just can’t do one more interview) Hopelessness! (when they start to think there is nothing else for them) Determination! (when they realize a YES could be right around the corner).

Who would we be if we weren’t riding this rollercoaster along with the people we serve?

I am proud to serve on a team that is so passionately serving their people that they hop right on the ride with them.  So Step Right Up!...we’ll help you lock your seatbelt.