Preference Personnel

We are Employee Owners

a piece of the puzzleWe are employee owners.

Do you know what that means?

I didn’t, until the first day I was employed by Preference.  Then I saw and felt what it means to be an ESOP.

It means that everyone is passionate about their work. Everyone.

It means that everyone picks up gum wrappers off the floor, instead of stepping over them.

It means that we all cheer each other on – and we mean it. 

It means we are all empowered to make decision, like an owner.

It means we all get a spot at the table, and our voices are heard.

It means we work as a team, and get the job done quickly and effectively.

For years I looked at company cultures and helped move the needle on employee engagement for companies. It seemed like everyone wanted it, but not everyone wanted to work hard at it.

We work hard at it, every day, because we own it. Everyone.

Today we reviewed the names of our field employees who are also vested in our ESOP.  Our team cheered as we reviewed the people we have helped find employment – and become a part of our ESOP through their years of working for us. They are the ones out there making it all happen and we are so proud and grateful to share our ESOP with them too.

Being a part of an employee owned company means living with intention our value of Empowerment: We are encouraged to be leaders who embrace growth and learning with passion, accountability and determination. We recognize empowerment comes with self-responsibility.

It means that we can better serve our community and our people because we think and work like an owner. Everyone.