Preference Personnel

Our Animal Identity

We are the proud users of TinyPulse and here is last week’s question…

If you had to describe our company as an animal, what animal would it be and why?

Our answers were too fun not to share! Enjoy!

animal identityThe Owl: The presence of an owl announces change. It also represents the ability to see things in people they do not see themselves. We pull out the best features in our candidates.

A Bison: We are strong and resilient and we work as a team.  We rely on each other to survive and we have strength in numbers.

The Wolf: The wolves exist as a social unit called a pack. The pack is usually a family group.  They are extremely social animals.

The Flamingo: They are social animals, giving and receiving support.  They have a sense of community with their strong interpersonal connections. They have a heart, they are open and affectionate. 

The Giraffe:  We “stick our necks out” for many of the people we serve. We stretch ourselves and strive through challenges while maintaining balance and grace.  Their 20 inch long tongue represents our ability to communicate, make our words count and be aware of not talking too much, but listening.

The Eagle: Because they represent ethics, loyalty and strength.

Our answers were all unique – like us – but one theme showed up throughout and that is our connectedness. We truly serve this community and our people together as: one flock, one colony, one tribe, one herd, one pack, one family.  We wouldn’t have it any other way. 

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