Preference Personnel

Honoring Our Past, Celebrating Our Present & Unveiling Our Future

Honoring our Past…

In 1987, Candice Dietz saw a need in our community and she was determined to fill that need.

Her passion for helping people find meaningful careers inspired her to open the doors to Preference Personnel. She was later joined by her husband, Larry and then by David, her son.  The family owned business grew successfully and changed the lives of so many. Today, when people talk about Preference, they always talk about “Candy” with great respect and fond memories of how she helped place them in a career or helped them find the right person to join their team.

We are grateful she dared to follow her dreams and passion and start an employment company in our community 29 years ago.

Celebrating our Present…

Today, our fearless leader and CEO, David Dietz has taken our company and our culture to a new level of service.

Our model changed 8 years ago from family owned to employee owned and with that, so did our culture. We live with a Purpose to help our community, organizations and people realize their full potential.  Our team is a family, and consists of 15 people with over 100 years at Preference.  Embracing service- we are relationship driven working locally for thousands of our clients and employment seekers. We celebrate the uniqueness of these relationships because we value authenticity, genuinely. Our ethics are fostered by our integrity and because we are employee-owned we are empowered daily to do what is right for our people.

Unveiling our Future…

As we prepare for tomorrow we recognize how crucial it is to remain innovative, continue to sharpen our skills and stay ahead of our ever-changing economy and employment trends.

What started as a simple name change to update who we are and how we help our people has now grown into a full re-brand. Our name, logo, building, core values, web site and services we offer have been updated to fit the ever-changing needs of both our clients and employment-seekers.

Our team has worked diligently on our re-brand and we are thrilled to open our doors to you on November 10th when we unveil the new Preference.

THANK YOU for allowing us to serve locally for 29 years.

THANK YOU for your business and trust in us.

THANK YOU for being a part of our future.