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Our Family Traditions: Old & New

Tradition Definition

As I dig out our Christmas lights, trim the tree and bake  - just kidding, EAT -  cookies, I am reminded of all the traditions we have around the holidays. And when I look into the eyes of my loved ones, I am reminded why we work so hard to bring these traditions to life every single year.  Traditions help foster a sense of unity, identity and belonging.

I found myself reflecting on my other family, the family that I actually spend more time with than my own family – my work family.  I am so grateful that at work we have recognized that it is just as important to honor traditions here, too – for the sake of culture, fun and engagement!

By now I hope you know all of the reasons why engagement is so crucial in our organizations – but if you need a reminder, here is my favorite video on engagement:

To capture traditions, fun outside of work and to push our culture forward,  we formed a Fun Committee about two years ago. I interviewed Becky, one of our members of the fun committee to learn more about their strategy and ideas and here is what I found out… 

At Thanksgiving we have a thankful jar and chalk board wall where we write notes expressing an attitude of gratitude towards our teammates.

At Christmas we give back to our community via serving meals at the Salvation Army, Bell ringing, Coats around trees downtown, the Food Bank and others as our gift to our CEO.

We have Bring Your Kids to Work day where we honor all of Preference employee kids.

We each get 16 hours of Volunteer Time Off to serve our community in ways that are important to us.

We volunteer during the United Way Day of Caring – we always get the same house – and she has her own tradition of taking our photo and writing down our names each year and serving us her special baked treats.

We host 8 employee appreciation events annually where we serve something delicious from sloppy joes to popcorn.

We have “501’s” – beverages after the work day, pot lucks and we celebrate everyone’s birthday with treats.

This week we are all having fun running around playing secret santa. Sneaking in presents and laughing at the creativity and goofy gifts.  We are also enjoying our “holiday stops” to our clients who mean so much to us and we are very grateful for each and every one.

We believe traditions are important, for all families. From our work-family to yours – may your annual traditions be full of memories, happiness and joy!