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Fees? What Fees?

Today is the day we are going to break the staffing fee stereotype.

Why Healthcare? Why Now?

When joining Preference in June of 2017, Brian Rahman, Owner and Operator of Converdia Health, brought with him over 28 years of industry experience and firsthand understanding of how healthcare staffing shortages are challenging the healthcare systems of this region. The experience and knowledge he brings to the table will offer alternative solutions to these staffing shortages and in return will allow Preference to continue to live out our purpose by helping the people of our community and region.

Artificial Intelligence in the Workforce Is “Real”

There will always be a cause and effect with Robots and Humans. Where one takes over another opportunity arises. There are pro’s and con’s to both and the real fact is that robots will never go away. We just have to find ways to co-exist in the workplace.