Preference Personnel

What's Happening

October is ESOP Month! What does that mean to us?

Each October we have an opportunity to celebrate Employee Ownership month. This month we have participated in a variety of activities. As the month comes to an end we have an opportunity to reflect and explain what this means to us.

Our Animal Identity

If you had to describe your company as an animal, what animal would it be and why? Here are our answers!

We are Employee Owners

We are all incredibly passionate about employee ownership - it impacts our work lives and personal lives. It gives us an opportunity to be a piece of our company's puzzle while impacting our future. We the owners!

Our Rollercoaster Ride

Our team was asked for one word to describe the work we do each day; a common answer - Rollercoaster. Hop on our ride!

A Simple Thank You

Living our core value, Service.

A Day in the Life of the Industrial Team

Enjoy a glimpse into a typical day with our industrial staffing team.

8 Things to Know for Creating Your Personal Brand

Personal brand is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands. Have you ever considered your personal brand? Check out Fargo Inc's latest article featuring our client relations manager, Heather, and 8 things to consider when creating your personal brand.

Land a "Get-to" Job - A Job You Love

Employees love working at Preference Personnel, we help our community organization and help people reach their full potential.

Why We Love Fargo!

Find out why we love this community!

An Employee Owned Business - Learn More About Preference Personnel

Fargo INC magazine featured David Dietz in the April issue. Read how being an employee-owned business benefits you.