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So, You Wanna Quit Your Day Job?

Before you make the leap, take some time to reflect and ask yourself a few questions.

Honoring Our Past, Celebrating Our Present & Unveiling Our Future

Honoring our Past…

In 1987, Candice Dietz saw a need in our community and she was determined to fill that need.

Her passion for helping people find meaningful careers inspired her to open the doors to Preference Personnel. She was later joined by her husband, Larry and then by David, her son.  The family owned business grew successfully and changed the lives of so…

A Simple Thank You

Living our core value, Service.

8 Things to Know for Creating Your Personal Brand

Personal brand is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands. Have you ever considered your personal brand? Check out Fargo Inc's latest article featuring our client relations manager, Heather, and 8 things to consider when creating your personal brand.

Why We Love Fargo!

Find out why we love this community!

An Employee Owned Business - Learn More About Preference Personnel

Fargo INC magazine featured David Dietz in the April issue. Read how being an employee-owned business benefits you.