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How Preference is Leading our Industry statistics regarding retention

The staffing industry is not an easy one. We see statistics that show the challenge of longevity in our industry constantly. At Preference Employment Solutions, we seem to rise above the statistics. As our math would work out, we have 17 employees who equal over 100 years of service at PES.

Getting Real with the Newbie! 8 things that surprised our newest teammate – Jocelyn

Core Values: Team, Service, Integrity, Genuine, Empowerment

We know people who are stuck…

Bianca also realizes how paralyzed with the fear of the unknown people become when it comes to a career transition. They are unsure of what they are qualified to do, they are scared sick of telling their boss they are quitting and the idea of starting over is petrifying. Her advice is this, “Just come in a visit with us. We are here to be a sounding board and together discover possible opportunities. Sometimes our solution is simply that you might need to take a vacation. It doesn’t have to be a permanent change to be life changing. The first step is usually the hardest, but the rest of the process is easy.”

Live Your Best Year Ever, Retreat to Your YURT!

I wonder how many times, days or years we just go through the motions in life – never really paying attention to our surroundings, actions, intentions and desires. 
What would happen if we could “wake up” out of that routine and strive for something more, like a deeper understanding of our full potential and how to reach it?
Our teammate, Cory,…

Reflecting on the Past Year, Inviting in the Future

Join us as we reflect on our past year and planning for 2018!

A Team Member's Professional Development Opportunity To Be Proud Of

Our team member, Kendra, has been selected for the United Way's 35 Under 35 program. This exciting professional and personal development opportunity begins in 2018. Here is a preview of the process and what she is looking forward to the most. Congratulations Kendra; we are all looking forward to supporting you in this journey!

Living Our PTO Dreams

A glimpse into Todd's experience with our Passion for Life PTO and how his extended vacation impacted our team and company!

Everything I Need to Know I Learned at Preference

Preference Employment Solutions celebrates 30 years of business this month! In honor of this anniversary we bring to you the following list of lessons learned.

School's Out for Summer

"School's out" photos are filling our social media pages!  Photos of kindergarten graduation that remind us of youth and innocence and not many real worries about their future just yet. 
Photos of 2nd graders on their…

New Year, New Resolution, Find Your Dream Job

As we march into the New Year, maybe this is a good time for reflection. 2017 could be the year for you to discover and find your dream job. We are here to help you discover where you see your future self.