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Becky Swoboda

Becky Swoboda
Becky is the Project Manager at Preference Employment Solutions. In her past life she was a wedding planner – which is lucky for us because at times we can all be a bit of a bridezilla! She completes all tasks with great detail and beauty. She puts thought into everything she touches – and helps make us all look good! I mean that literally as she is also our company photographer and editor!
Her passion for planning and details, her eye for decor and her unique perspective is shining through as she is the decision maker for 98% of our new home for Preference being built on 42nd Street. Combine her great taste with the fact that she has worn several hats at Preference and her commitment to customer service and you have someone who is extremely thoughtful about creating a building that allows us to serve in unique ways. We could not be luckier to have her talent woven through every piece of our new employee owned building! 
When she is not bringing our visions to life at PES, you can find her enjoying all things Bison! 
Her husband and 3 littles also enjoy the lake, living room dance parties, going to concerts and eating sticky-rice.