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Erik Hiedeman

Erik Hiedeman

Erik Hiedeman is Preference Employment Solutions’ Client Relations team member. He joins our team with 3 years of experience in recruiting and account management.  He also comes to us with a lifetime of experience in relationship building. But if you really want to get to know Erik – you will have to join him on the golf course.

On the golf course you will find the same integrity he shows up with at work. He honors the other players, follows the rules and makes sure everyone is treated with respect.

On the golf course, he is committed to winning. He understands the work and the knowledge needed to be successful both on and off the course. He works hard in everything he does.

On the golf course, he is tenacious. He plays through rain, wind, snow, dust – he doesn’t require the conditions to be favorable to get into the game. This is a strong attribute for our team as conditions aren’t always pretty here, either.

On the course, he is goal oriented. Always striving to be better than he was the day before and getting there through discipline, training and taking in all the lessons life has to offer. Off the course, he applies this same effort.

On the 19th hole, you will find him enjoying his favorite meal, a medium-rare steak, twice-baked potato and a glass of red wine.