Preference Personnel

Jill Benson

Jill Benson

As our Controller, Jill has been on the Preference team for over ten years now! Jill not only manages our finances, but she acts as our ESOP expert along with David. Jill has prior experience doing various accounting and finance in small businesses within the customer service and hospitality industries, which have made her a key component to the function of our team. Her passion is fixing the mess. She enjoys detailed work and solving the number problems. Jill also started our Casual For A Cause program to help support our employees that may need some extra support. Her compassion toward others is impeccable. When you walk into her colorful pastel office, you will see her creative and crafty personality right away. Jill isn’t afraid of any DIY project, including painting her entire house herself!


What are your hobbies outside of work? Spending time with my husband, my kids and grandkids! I enjoy staying busy and always have a project going on.

What’s one thing you can’t live without? We all joke this would be Jill’s love for Folgers coffee!