Preference Personnel

Kelsey Steen

Kelsey Steen

Kelsey is our Preference gopher. She is the glue between all our teams and the administrative support end. She fills in our gaps and keeps us compliant! Kelsey’s ability to adapt and be flexible have made her vital to our team. She coordinates our postings, background checks, credentialing and interview support. Kelsey’s go-getter attitude showcases her strengths in customer service and collaboration. She is passionate about helping others and creating efficiencies for our teams to ensure company productivity. As a former college athlete, hard work and dedication is in Kelsey’s DNA! No matter what you throw at her, Kelsey will get it done! We can thank our very own Todd Obbink for referring her into Preference and joining our team.


What are your interests/hobbies outside of work? Exercising, being at the lake in the summers, paying cards and other games, and of course spending time with my husband, our little girl Addie and Boston Terrier, Howard.

What would you tell yourself at age 13? Be yourself and follow whatever path you want. Don’t allow others to influence your decisions.

What is your top personal accomplishment? Female Athlete of the Year and graduating with my bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and Health Education from MSUM.