Preference Personnel

Steffen Isane

Steffen Isane

As our very strategic leader on the Client Relations Team, Steffen’s role is to connect with business in the area to help with any staffing needs or recruiting strategy. Like most on our team, Steffen didn’t set out for a career in staffing. His dad owned his own business and Steffen helped out with tradeshows and of course in the warehouse too! With education in Sales, Marketing and Management, Steffen is no stranger to a variety of businesses and helping customers. With 14 years of cellular retail management experience, he’s also undertaken our “tech guy” role. He always knows how to get our team hooked up and working more efficiently. Steffen lives his life as a “servant leader” and is very passionate about learning and helping our community. He is heavily involved in his children’s school volunteer opportunities. He and his wife, a 6th grade teacher, see the extra need schools have. His favorite yearly volunteer event is Feed My Starving Children.


What is your favorite meal? Vinyl Taco – Queso with Chorizo, 1 fish, 1 veggie taco

What inspires you? Intelligent people, new challenges and opportunities

Tell us 3 facts about you: My dad was from Norway and I’ve had the opportunity to visit 9 times. 

My lip was split in the first minute of a basketball tournament that we drove 3.5 hours for. I had 6 stitches in the ER and never played another minute.

My dad was very sick and in the hospital in 2010. My wife suggested we bump our wedding for him (originally scheduled for 7 months later). We drove 3 hours to the courthouse, met before and judge and got married in his hospital room by the end of that day.