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Tania Cook

Tania Cook

Tania’s unofficial title is Squirrel Tamer, official title Chief Operating Officer. She certainly keeps the troops in order here at Preference! Tania’s Speech Therapist background and experience in operations, sales and safety have added immense value to our team. With over 12 years’ experience at Preference, Tania has worked in both our Professional and Administrative team. Now as our COO, she leads our safety and all operational functions. When she is not focused on processes and research, she is using her strengths in coaching and facilitating our team to focus on personal and professional development. Her favorite line and most challenging line for us all, “What do you think we should do?” Tania has the ability to help others identify strengths and understands the fears that may hold us back. While oh so challenging, she is very passionate and successful with helping others move through their fear to be a better version of themselves. Tania’s strong and very humble heart has led her to develop Preference’s Transition to Work Program, which allows those out on workman’s compensation to re-enter the work force and help out our community non-profits.


Before working here at Preference, what was the most interesting job you’ve had? I’ve had various jobs that have shocked our team! To name a few interesting ones – I worked at a meat processing plant, a Taco Bell, I’ve been a painter, officiated volleyball, worked with the Park District, helped out at a golf course between school years, worked at UPS for 10 years, was the Dragon Mascot for MSUM, and I’ve been a server. My first job out of college was the Girl’s Track Coach in Foley, MN. This was the most humbling job I’ve ever had.

Who was the most influential person in your life? Besides my parents, the most influential “people” in my life have been those who said I couldn’t… Those are the people who have pushed me to accomplish the things I have been able to accomplish and prove to myself that I can!

What are your interests/hobbies outside of work? Playing guitar, piano, golfing, woodburning, being out in nature and with family and friends.