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Outplacement is the support provided by responsible organizations for individuals exiting the business involuntarily. It is helping employees transition to new careers and connecting them to the job market. It’s also helping the company and remaining employees put their best foot forward during the process.

Mergers, re-organization, inability to fulfill a personal improvement plan, and business downturns can sometimes lead to layoffs or terminations. Communicating to someone that they’ve lost their job may be the most difficult thing a leader has to do.

At Preference Employment Solutions, we understand how challenging these circumstances can be for all involved: leaders, employees who are leaving, employees who stay behind and the HR team.

Outplacement services from Preference bring experienced support and local expertise. We help secure new employment for those who have been laid off or terminated while inspiring employee engagement among those still employed and protecting your company’s brand and reputation.

Benefits of using Outplacement services for our clients:

  • Reputation management with exiting employees, remaining employees and community.
  • Reduce unemployment insurance premiums.
  • Layoff expertise and support for leadership and HR.
  • Retain exiting employees and enhanced productivity until a target date.
  • Engage and retain remaining employees.
  • Valuable severance package component.
  • Support terminated employees.

Benefits of using Outplacement services for your employees:

  • Secure new employment faster.
  • Discover the right job/career path.
  • Establish career goals.
  • Build confidence in their employment search.
  • Support and expertise from employment professionals and peers.

Our team is ready to confidentially discuss your needs and together create a methodical plan, whether outplacement is needed for one employee or many. We customize our services to meet your needs.

Confidence and certainty begin with your first call to Preference: 701-293-6905!

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