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Live Your Best Year Ever, Retreat to Your YURT!

I wonder how many times, days or years we just go through the motions in life – never really paying attention to our surroundings, actions, intentions and desires. 
What would happen if we could “wake up” out of that routine and strive for something more, like a deeper understanding of our full potential and how to reach it?
Our teammate, Cory, has some ideas on how to realize his own potential and help inspire others to find theirs. 
Step 1: Retreat to a yurt! 
No really, this is a practice of his! He finds it allows for a unique kind of seclusion in an effort to focus on the past year and plan for the next one.  This has evolved from past years where he would just spend some time reflecting in a coffee shop, amongst a lot of people and a noisy coffee grinder. It took him a while to realize this was not the environment that allowed his greatest focus. For him, it’s getting far out of his comfort zone and into a game of “survival” where his focus is at its sharpest. 
For others, a crowded room is exactly where they need to be for energy and focus. We are certainly all wired differently. The key here is to be intentional about your surroundings and pick the one that serves you best. 
Step 2: Reflect on where you have been! 
Don’t dwell on the past but learn from it! What experiences, lessons, transformational moments took place for you last year. Cory likes to keep a daily journal. He packs it with his sleeping bag for his “yurt” time. Without an intentional journal, we might miss some of what last year had in store for us.  Not only does he keep a journal for himself, but he keeps an appreciation journal for his wife and kids. You’d have to agree this is an awesome way to honor your family! 
Step 3: Plan for the future! 
Cory likes to start with the life wheel. This allows for reflection on all aspects of our lives…physical, mental, personal, spiritual, professional, finances and more! It’s about balance in all of these areas and recognizing the gaps.  He also uses Living Your Best Year Ever (Journal) by Darren Hardy which helps him create an intentional design for the year to come. 
Step 4: Get clear about your “why”!  
Once your plan is in place, what will drive you to achieve your plan? Cory started living with greater focus and intention back in 6th grade. He started his goal setting and journal writing and achieved things that he says he never had any business achieving.  “I was a “C” player who lived with the heart and determination of an “A” player. That kind of thinking and focus helped me accomplish things I wouldn’t have otherwise.” 
Cory’s biggest why… “Our company’s purpose is to help people realize their full potential.  My goal is to lead by example, give people hope and influence them to become “A” players. My other why is for the family I have at home who watch me, look at me to lead them in so many ways and I want to leave a legacy for them like the one my grandfather left for me.” 
Just think, what would happen for you this year if you were able to realize your full potential, embrace it and go after it like an “A” player?  
Happy Yurt-ing!