Preference Personnel

How Preference is Leading our Industry statistics regarding retention

The staffing industry is not an easy one. We see statistics that show the challenge of longevity in our industry constantly. The most recent data we found tells us this: 
The industries with the highest separation rates are:
• Staffing: 352% (ASA)
• Hotels: 60-300% (AHLA)
• Supermarkets: 100% (Chron)
• Retail: 59% (Chron)
• Fast food (or QSR): 100% (The Economist) 
But yet at Preference Employment Solutions, we seem to rise above the statistics. As our math would work out, we have 17 employees who equal over 100 years of service at PES.
The good news for you, dear reader, is we are willing to share our secret formula. Here it is: 
Engagement – we take it seriously. Our leadership team is continuously looking for ways to value us, keep us challenged in our work and offer us rewards and benefits that just can’t be beat. Our Employee Value Proposition is pretty impressive! 
Personal and Professional Development – it’s our middle name. We offer opportunities to everyone, we spend time working on Personal Development Plans and we give resources needed to provide results. 
We are careful with who we recruit – we do this for a living guys, it’s a sweet network of people we know. 
We honor our company values and our personal values. We care so passionately about all the people we serve, that balancing our wins and our losses, when it comes to our people, is not easy. 
How do we sleep well at night when so much is at stake during the day?
We do our best with the following checklist: 
 Did I treat everyone kind and fair? 
 Did I ask the right questions to find the right solutions? 
 Was I timely in my response to emails and phone calls? 
 Did I check my ego and personal agendas at the door? 
 Did I honor our company purpose and core values today? 
 Did I honor my personal core values today? 
 Did I manage my time wisely? 
 Did I celebrate my personal wins and our company wins? 
That is our secret to our success – plus we love our people with all our hearts!